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ESM-9450"Smart IO Module" Process Controller


8 steps profile control (Ramp & Soak) function and

start-hold-stop by using logic input module

For process value and process control

Retransmission feature

Detection of heater failure by using 0...5Adc CT

input module

Universal process input (TC, RTD, mVdc, Vdc, mAdc)

Bumpless transfer

Motorized valve control function

4 Digits process (PV) and 4 Digits set (SV) display

Programmable heating, cooling and alarm

functions for control outputs

Auto-tune and Self-tune PID

Dual or multi point calibration for dc Voltage/Current input

Configurable ON/OFF, P, PI, PD, and PID control forms

  • Features Descriptions
  • Physical Features
  • Dimensions  48 mm x 96 mm 86,5 mm
  • Protection Class  NEMA 4X (IP65 at front, IP20 at rear)
  • Installation    Fixed Installation
  • Storage / Operating Temperature  0...50ºC
  • Storage / Operating Humidity  90 % max. (None condensing)
  • Supply Voltage and Power       100-240 Vac (-15%,+10%) 50/60 Hz. 6 VA

24 Vac (-15%,+10%) 50/60 Hz. 6 VA

24 Vdc (-15%,+10%) 6 W

  • Sensor InputsUniversal Input TC, RTD, Voltage/Current (dc)

Selectable by configuration parameters L (DIN43710),

J, K, R, T, S, B, E, N (IEC584.1) (ITS90)

PT100 (IEC751) (ITS90)

Selectable by configuration parameters 0-50 mV, 0-5 V, 0-10 V

Selectable by configuration parameters 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA

  • Optional Sensor InputsEMI-400 Dijital Input Module

EMI-410 0/4-20mA Current Input Module

EMI-420 CT 0-5A Input Module

EMI-430 TC veya 0.-50mVdc Input Module

EMI-440 PT-100 Input Module

EMI-450 0-10Vdc Input Module

  • Scale Accuracy± 0,25% of full scale for Thermocouple ,Thermoresistance, and Voltage
  • Relay Output               5A@250 Vac at resistive load
  • SSR Output Analogue Output Optional OutputsEM0-400 Relay Output Module (3A@250V)

EM0-410 SSR Output Module (20mA@18V)

EM0-420 Dijital (Transistor) Output Module (40mA@18V)

EM0-430 0/4-20mA Current Output Module

  • Control Form                  On / Off, P, PI, PD, PID
  • Reading Frequency3 readings per second
  • Communication ProtocolsMODBUS-RTU
  • ApprovalsUL Recognized Component (File No : E 254103), GOST-R, CE
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