ESM-4450"Smart IO Module" Process Controller


8 steps profile control (Ramp & Soak) function and
start-hold-stop by using logic input module
For process value and process control
Retransmission feature
Detection of heater failure by using 0...5Adc CT
input module
Universal process input (TC, RTD, mVdc, Vdc, mAdc)
Bumpless transfer
Motorized valve control function
4 Digits process (PV) and 4 Digits set (SV) display
Programmable heating, cooling and alarm
                                                                   functions for control outputs
                                                                   Auto-tune and Self-tune PID
                                                                   Dual or multi point calibration for dc Voltage/Current input
                                                                   Configurable ON/OFF, P, PI, PD, and PID control forms

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